Storm Coming In – 3.11.11

March 11, 2011

Shifting, slipping, sinking, sliding, convulsing, volcanic, explosive, massed…  last night I wrote words describing what powers my art: humanity’s eternal push toward self-determination set within the forces shaping Earth. Mirroring, overlaying, land/human visual metaphors excite the hell out of me. This morning I watch live images of tsunami striking Japan after region’s largest recorded earthquake. Metaphors of earthquake, tsunami for uprisings in Egypt, Libya, the corporate power grab intent on finishing off the US and the rise of everyday folks to hold back the tide pale against the reality of the Earth itself. Who knows if today’s catastrophe is triggered by climate change, but climate change is fully underway, storm coming in.

My heart to Japan and everyone affected by this enormous event.


3 Responses to “Storm Coming In – 3.11.11”

  1. Bonnie Willdorf Says:

    I love the way your words explain and amplify the painting. You are an amazing artist, writer and humanitarian.

  2. Cathy Hackett Says:

    Adrienne Suffin just sent me an email with your art. Glad to finally see your art after hearing from Adrienne about its beauty. My name is Cathy Hackett and I worked with your husband Bob. I am an emerging artist coming out of an intense work life and also was diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years ago but am well. My husband is a stroke survivor and now in a wheelchair. I not sure where I am going with my art but always want to build social consciousness. Hope to meet you someday.

    • janenorling Says:

      Hi Cathy, I recognize your name. Wonderful you’re making art, express social justice in other ways. I’d love to see when you start posting it. OK to add your name to my announcement list?

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