Shifting, slipping, sinking, sliding, convulsing, volcanic, explosive, massed…  last night I wrote words describing what powers my art: humanity’s eternal push toward self-determination set within the forces shaping Earth. Mirroring, overlaying, land/human visual metaphors excite the hell out of me. This morning I watch live images of tsunami striking Japan after region’s largest recorded earthquake. Metaphors of earthquake, tsunami for uprisings in Egypt, Libya, the corporate power grab intent on finishing off the US and the rise of everyday folks to hold back the tide pale against the reality of the Earth itself. Who knows if today’s catastrophe is triggered by climate change, but climate change is fully underway, storm coming in.

My heart to Japan and everyone affected by this enormous event.


3.1.11 Afghanistan

March 1, 2011

Alongside the volcanic people’s power rising up from Tunisia, Egypt, US Madison WI, continuing with harrowing effect in Libya, grinds along the Afghanistan War, day after day, month after month, year after year. What happens there, what happens next….

Artists speak out against this war in a traveling exhibition of 50 plus 4’x6′ banner-style paintings called “Windows and Mirrors,” organized by Chicago AFSC.

Opening last October in Philadelphia on the 9th anniversary of this iteration of war, the show is now in LA:

When I consider the comprehensive effect of war, I feel absence. Individuals, villages, family, animals, side of a hill, farm, the next minute, fact of a future… erased. In painting, I wanted to convey a lack of person. Not a dead or injured person, but a person expected to be there who isn’t. A cut out– of relationship, the world. Holding this concept of not, I wanted to show the life around the absence, who feel the absence; standing on their ravished land, they are painted in vibrant colors because that’s life.

From Los Angeles, the show travels to Greensboro, Atlanta, Chicago; October to San Francisco, November to Kansas City.