2.11.11 Egypt

February 12, 2011

Stamping, marching, dancing, living, sharing food and opposition, the spirit of Tunisia, feet in the street, the lines 2.11.11 legs carrying a people into democracy, passion shaped by brilliant organizing, seizing the possibility, believing in victory. Arab youth change the world.



February 2, 2011

Against electrifying backdrop of Egypt forging democracy in another part of the world, my quiet Oakland studio yields repurposed objects once ubiquitous on the art promo scene.

The Oakland version of Fun-A-Day, the project that asks participants simply to make one thing a day every day of a month, is hosted by Artclash at Rock Paper Scissors, and opens Saturday Feb 5, 2011. I made this, some of it every day.

Twisting wire gives my fingers something to do while I listen to voices from a country unified in its objective to live democracy in each of their lifetimes. Oust the dictator, then the hard work begins. For now, amazement, joy, self-government in the streets.