3 in the Middle of Lines

January 14, 2011

One OneThree OneOne – Three in the middle.

Obsessed by the little lines that make numbers eleven and one. Didn’t used to be that way. Things were round for the last few years and before that, the elegance of one and nine just seemed normal.

Curves came back yesterday with the 2 in the middle. Back to lines tomorrow.

Silly as this seems, lines and curves are my life.



January 11, 2011

Line of Winter

January 8, 2011

Thicket of black lines at the winter crown, tree looks dead. This one could be. Winter joy is wrought black lines enclosing gray sky, endless possibilities of shape.
Serene moment reflecting on Hiroshige angled lines enclosing blocks of colored fade pattern, exquisite, fine, absolutely balanced, pulling immediate and distance into flat where we are amazed this is a crafted print giving us the experience of winter, is interrupted by violent news from AZ.


January 2, 2011

Like all of you, I want a better year than last. I want justice, comfort, peace, beauty, the end of suffering–for humanity and our home, Life on Earth. The shifting of a day on the calendar won’t end war, but there’s always hope, hard work. Into 2011 I carry the challenge to make art that in some way dignifies life, lives, a life–as inspiration to immerse oneself in the natural world, as aid to efforts for social change, as commentary, as object of beauty–and which addresses the facts of global warming.

Can anyone tell me what makes the ice circles on Lake Michigan, Chicago shore?  (Photo Dec 28, Lincoln Park)