Heart of Winter

December 24, 2010

Old-fashioned collage, cut photographic paper. Paste. Love.

This beautiful, troubled land. On to light.



December 21, 2010

122110, 211210… Solstice opens wintery sky to red this year, eclipse burning bright. Then winter takes back its black sky, luminously silver in the special moonlight, our bay air sweetened by storms. Soft solstice night bears the seed of light, the potential of light returning to pull life out of the ground in Spring.

Light on glaciers changes their form as Earth warms. Glaciers are headed into winter, the dark in their environs growing as the bright light of snow recedes. Grit atop glacier surface, each speck in its moat of meltwater, produces the big picture: dark grit attracts sun’s heat and melts the ice, simple.

In Patagonia I witnessed the turquoise and cobalt lakes surrounding 1/4” cinder islands. To paint them.